No One Killed Jessica Lall

Meera Gaity (Rani Mukharjee) is a blatant journalist presenting India to Indians. Jessica Lall (Myra Karn) is part of modern & progressive India. Sabrina Lall is just a regular town-girl. Small town influential politician’s son kills Jessica Lall over a drink after bar was closed. Mr. politician bends the system and his protege bureaucrats blame system for being bendable. Judges and advocates enjoy their privileges; What can they do the Lady Justice is blind. The efforts of Sabrina rest in vain until flamboyant Meera Gaity comes to her rescue. Climax and ending is really bleak. Possibly because their is no ending possible except happy ending. Meera Gaity uncovers all the dust.

This film is interesting in many ways. In a male chauvinistic society and uber film control board, Raj Kumar Gupta accepts an A certificate for showing that the Indian women too have a foul mouth. It is a big leap for Bollywood. At least we will not be tortured with funny curses.

The film has a fast paced timeline cutting all that is Bollywood. Rani Mukharjee, Myra Karn and Vidya Balan all did justification to real life characters. Raj Kumar Gupta and others like Vishal Bharadwaj and Anurag Kashyap have been mocking India’s political, judicial, media and public activism to great a accuracy. It would be interesting to see if other actresses come out and follow Rani’s crusade and how right wing India will receive it.

Casino Jack

Oscar winning actor of American beauty Kevin Spacey comes up with another striking role of Ivy-league educated college-republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The film is based on the real life story of DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff, his young protege and Washington’s political atmosphere.

Jack Abramoff and his young greedy team plays around the democracy and highest institution of American democracy. He defrauds American Indian tribes in their gambling business using help of the lawmakers. And he loves mafia films.

The film is a perfect combination of strong dialogue and excellent direction. Kevin Spacey is seriously competing for his second Oscar nomination. The film presents the fragile nature of Washington DC. Kevin Spacey naturally presented the serious topic with a comical angle of his.