Up in the Air

A man standing at an airport with eyes not tired of travel but with sparkle. The man is the Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) . He plays the role of gentleman, in tailored suit, corporate down sizer. He helps poor manager who cannot bid farewell to their own employees. His job of which he thinks that has a very important role is threated by a new smart college graduate. This college graduate is Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), who pursues her boss that an algorithm can be used to fire people over video conferencing. Ryan Bingham takes her to meet the people who she is about to fire. Ryan Bingham is a loner who prefers to stay alone and unattached. There’s always something opposite. He meets his counterpart Alex played by none other than Vera Farmiga. Ryan Bingham develops relationship with her to find out that its casual. She has a family of her own. Ryan Bingham is back on the road.

This is one of the very few movies which shows so much human emotions. Each and every person Ryan Bingham meets reflect a philosophy. A lot of people will be able to relate to this movie during the current downfall. The director has done a marvelous job. Big glass windows and small man. Everything is transparent, everything can be seen but no one can see it. A woman who changes the life long philosophy of Ryan Bingham has her life messed up. Ryan Bingham during this short lifetime learns the depth of life. That’s why he returns to the road, to the life.