Ice Age 3: Age of Dinosaurs

Simply the most beautiful animation film i have seen in recent times. It is a story about a group of animals living in ice age. An elephant couple is about to give birth to a baby elephant. The other animals see it as the moment to departure for them. A growing tiger eager to catch up some adventure in his ending life. Sid looking for new friends. And ‘The Buck’ fearless in age of dinosaurs settling even with Rudy the giant white dinosaur.

I have to say this that the director, writer and other artist who worked in animation film are brilliant people. They have brought the common life so easily through these mammals on a 3D screen. The eyes of these mammals look as alive as of a real living creature.
The Buck is the most interesting character in the film. He is adventurous, courageous, xenophilic, and revengeful towards Rudy. Why did Buck take the mammals to the darker area of dinosaurs world? Certainly not for saving Sid. Is it for adventure? Is it for revenge? He may live in a hostile animal world but he is one of those outlawed who belong to Ice Age.