Ghajini is the Bollywood version of Memento. Amir Khan plays Sanjay Singhania who is a rich entrepreneur who comes to India with a dream to make himself as the cellular baron of India. Here he met a young vibrant girl named Kalpana, played by Asin. Kalpana unknowingly fumes the story that she is the gal friend of Sanjay Singhania. This is how this Bollywood story starts. Ghajini a criminal socialite kills Kalpana and cripples Sanjay of short term memory loss. The movie revolves around how Sanjay Singhania takes revenge of his gal friend’s murder helped by a young medical student Sunita.

Amir Khan once again did an excellent job. He worked really hard to shape himself up to become macho man. The Bollywood newcomer Asin also did perfect job by bringing mirth and love to the story. The story is very sound in both scientific sense and keeping the Bollywood factor of super powerful protagonist. Overall movie is a good entertainer with good songs.