The Avatar is about clash of two races. The human race which is hungry for power and an alien race mesmerized in jungle. The natives Navi are the aliens living in another planetary system. The humans want to colonize their home for extraction of precious energy rich mineral. A marine accompanied by a Navi loving explorer scientist is sent to the Pandora jungles to diplomatize the natives. The mysterious jungle rather untrained the marine.
James Francis Cameron, the legendary director/producer of long and big budget movies, did a really good job. Making viewers sit for 3 long hours without whining is indeed a good job. I do not think that the film will change the film technology or the way we perceive films. The film has excellent animation and a thin story line. Anything related to computers can’t be marked as a milestone as according to Moore’s law the computer technology will double its capabilities every two years. That means we are going to see many more excellent animation in near future.
One thing that attracted me most was the thought that the whole Pandora is connected to each other, animals, trees, Navi people, ancestor’s voices, etc. This is a very mature thought and is very true even on our mother Earth. Everything is indeed connected, all you need is ears and openness.

District 9

District 9 is one of the best original story in recent times. I must confess that District 9 has its own goose bumps moments. District 9 has an excellent direction by Neill Blomkamp in the form of mock documentary. A good film is one which does not try to explain things but the one which entangles the loose treads. District 9, along with Wall-E, are the best alien films in this decade.
District 9 instigate several questions. The most important one is what is wrong with human race. The educated one wants to earn money by any means. The military knows only to kill. The fear of unexpected, exclusion and inhumane nature towards other living beings, interracial prostitution and superstition as in flesh eating. District 9 is inherently mingled with the African story of brutality.
Ironically, this time the UFO did not land on American soil.