The Watchmen

It’s all joke. Watchmen is one of the most thought provoking graphic novel of our time. Words will not cease, thoughts catch fire. I am more bound to write about the graphic novel than the movie. The movie makes more sense, if you took pain of reading the graphic novel.

The Watchmen is about a group of superheros crafted by legendary writer of the ‘V for Vendetta’ Alan Moore. Being a superhero is so often associated with morality. Alan Moore breaks the chain of morality. The masked men are no longer moral that is why people are asking who watches the Watchmen.

Doc Manhattan, a physicist, whose body withered away in quantum space and the intangible matter comes back. He is blue in color. What does it signify? May be just a color. He is all about knowledge. “Why should I save this world which I no longer have a any stake.”,Doc

Rorschach, my favorite vigilante, who never compromised. Son of a poor mother who grew up hating crime and lived hating it hardly. “You don’t understand, I am not locked here with you, you are locked here with me.”, Rorschach.

Danny boy never forgot that he is no longer a vigilante. Along with Silk Spectre II he rejoins the league of the Watchmen. He Owes his name to his superhero the Nite Owl I. “We used to be a good team. What happened?”,Nite Owl II.

Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias considers himself of the category of the ancient Pharaohs. He is the smartest man on the planet Earth. He is the savior of the world. “Statistically one incident does not mean trend”,Ozymandias.

The Comedian was the beginning, the comedian is the end beacause it’s all joke. If you can see it will all be a joke for your. “Just a matter of time, I suppose.”,The Comedian. SK