Lord of War

It is a little late to write a review on a movie which was released in year 2005. Better late than never. Nicholas Cage is famous for his action packed entertaining movies. The Lord of War breaks the stereotype of entertainment and steps into the realms of social cause. The movie has several eye opening issues. The central theme of the movie is who is threat to whom. The five permanent member of United Nations Security Council or the dictators from middle east or the Africa. This movie is a part of a series which is exemplified by Hotel Rwanda, The Last King of Scotland, etc.
Nicholas Cage plays the role of Yuri Orlov, an immigrant who came from hell to hell, an arms dealer. Everybody has a talent said Yuri Orlov. He found talent in selling arms. Yuri takes help of many of his friends and family for setting up his empire, like his brother Vitaly Orlov (Jaret Leto), his uncle Gen. Dmitri Orlov (Yevgeni Lazarev) and his Jewish connections. The role of Yuri’s wife is played by Bridget Moynahan as Ava Fontaine Orlov. He has full support from corrupt government officials and military generals. He is accompanied by his brother Vitaly across the world from Middle East to the Africa. If there is a mouse there have to be a cat. The cat is interpol officer Ethan Hawke, as Jack Valentine, who chases Yuri throughout the world. The story takes a turn when he meets an African dictator, the President of Liberia, André Baptiste Sr.(Eamonn Walker) and his crazy Rambo loving son André Baptiste Jr.(Sammi Rotibi) . One of the few lessons that this fast paced movie gives is never engage. The rule to success is ‘never engage’. Yuri showed no sign of morality in his business. Is there a morality? He just sold the guns.SK