Kaminey is a film about two brothers making their way in chaotic Mumbai. Vishal Bharadwaj presents another dark, rather, not so dark drama, but if you call crime and sadism dark then may be its even darker. The film has everything a typical Bollywood film would have. Politicians, cops, criminals, etc. not to mention all are corrupt. The Bollywood is also incomplete without a love story, so, Kaminey has a love story of bubbly Mumbai next door girl Priyanka Chopra as Sweety and supposedly immigrant Shahid Kapoor or Guddu. Guddu’s twin brother Charlie is a horse racing bookie. Rest of the movie is all regular action. A part of the movie is likable but over all film does not deserve appreciation.

Vishal Bharadwaj had made some revolutionary films like Omkara, Makabul, etc. The best thing about those films is that they are though based on Shakespearean tragedy but they are very beautifully represented in Indian drama. I like the way of tragedy, Vishal Bharadwaj shows in his films. It is very similar, in a sense, to the beauty of action in Tarantino’s films. The story of the film is ugly as it ends in a happy bollywood ending. Shahid did a good job, though Omkara and Makabul lacked the glamor, I guess some roles need no glamor. Kaminey has nothing new to show.SK