Kaminey by AS

A typical Vishal Bharadwaj film, loaded with social messages, political situations which are tied with entertainment. He picked up a few same old ideas and mixed them with recent events to give it a new look. The old ghisa-pita concept of boy meets girl, falls in love, family disagrees- got new face when linked with Maharashtrian and north Indian issue.
It really got support of good acting delivered by Priyanka and Shahid. Shahid seemed to be under pressure all throughout the film, maybe its because he got maximum footage and was trying hard to make both his characters differ from each-other. Priyanka got a strong role who thinks for herself and takes her decision, not very common in Indian films.
Climax was full of blood, bullets and boredom. Knowing Vishal’s capabilities, he Could have done a better job. Songs were decent, one cute and fun number, one song dedicated to social cause of contraception, heavy background score. Costumes were good, priyanka really did look a local Maharashtrian girl with her kurtas and cotton suits. Shahid also looked “chapri” with his kind of ragged t shirts and nylon shirts. Cinematography was commendable. Vishal did a good job in creating a mood of film but still something is missing.AS