Sugar and starchy foods like rice and potatoes have a draconian status. I wanted to try to live without them and see if they helps in weight loss.

Sugar-free tea didn’t really bother me. The amount of milk I add to my tea already brings some of its natural sugar flavor that I can live with. I would love to get rid of my dependence on added sugar.

Indian diet is so starch rich that it is hard to avoid it. I am going to avoid them intentionally but take it when I have to.

What would be a stoics diet be?

The month of April has been interesting for me. I thought my productivity would be at all time high because I would not be traveling the whole month but exactly opposite has happened.

The first couple of days of April were wasted because banks forced me to get out of my home during random times.

The next couple of days were glorious because I had an amazing opportunity to attend the very first Google certification summit.

The rest of the days I was just lazy and tired. My energy levels are low. I am not sure if it’s the heat, food, or extra work I have been doing lately.

I want to try giving up on sugar from tomorrow to control the out of hand weight gain I have been experiencing lately.

How To Investigate Failed To Start Load Kernel Modules Error?

Failed to start Load Kernel Modules was a constant occurring during my system boot. I finally sat down and decided to investigate it.

The very first task is figure out which modules are causing the problem. For that we need the PID of process where modules fail.

The important line here is Main PID: 29552 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE). We have the PID and now we can check journalctl for the faulty modules.

Now it became clear that the VirtualBox drivers are at fault. This is how you can investigate future system module failures.